Bathroom Stud Shelves– GO!

I’m putting shelves in my eety-beety bathroom. We did a remodel several years ago, and talked about doing this then, but we were SO READY to be done so we just walled it all in. Now that I have an almost-3- and almost-5-yr-old, it’s time for a construction project! o.O

The house was built in 1951, when drywall was first starting to be used. Back then, it was just a substitute for lath, with plaster still put over the top. You can see the horizontal lines on the back of the bedroom wall – the drywall is only about a foot & a half wide, and was installed horizontally. The bathroom walls are new, so they’re just regular drywall. The saw I used was a thin-bladed hand saw of some sort… Brian said, “Here, this one will work pretty well.” And so it did. 🙂

The hole.

The hole.

Top of the hole.

Top of the hole.

The hole is about 6 feet tall, and the space between the studs is about 16″ rather than the usual 14 or so.

Got a little close to the wiring, there...

Got a little close to the wiring, there…

I was glad I decided to stop cutting there. I didn’t remember that there was any wiring in this space, and when I cut across the bottom of the hole and removed the chunk of drywall, I realized how close I was to disaster! There’s only about an inch vertically between the bottom of the hole and the wire.

Needs some smoothing.

Needs some smoothing.

For reasons I don’t recall, we needed to shim the 2×4’s before we screwed down the drywall, so there are weird shim issues to deal with before I’ll be able to finish these edges. The lumber they used on this house was square, too, so these 2×4’s are actually 2″x4″. That, plus the shims, plus the drywall comes to a good 5 inches of depth there! I want to use the thinnest material possible to cover the studs and the drywall at the back. I’ll probably just glue it on. My plan is to use 2×6 or 1×6 boards cut to about 17″ long for the shelves. I’ll cut notches in their corners so they’ll slide between the studs, and they’ll stick out at the front & sides an inch or so. I’m borrowing a Kreg jig from some friends for attaching them to the studs. Once everything is sanded and installed, I’ll use some caulking to smooth out the corners, and paint everything white.

That’s IF everything goes like I think it should. We’ll see.


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