How Does Your Garden Grow?

Pretty well, given the spring we had! Cold, cold, cold. I’m a Minnesotan to the bone, but it was getting pretty ridiculous.

Gonna get some tomatoes and everything, I think! I finally wised up and planted them in the flowerbed on the south side of the house. Why I didn’t do that years ago is beyond me! These lovely flowers are in there with them. 

Close-up of the aster-family flowers.

What is this??

What is this??

The plant on the right self-seeded itself a couple years back, but I have no idea what it is. The flowers are lovely little pink, sweet-smelling things, and its growth habit is kind of an open bush. Someday I’ll look it up… 

I also have some lovely rainbow carrots. Yellow, white, orange, red, and two shades of purple. 


See the wee little zucchini hiding in the foliage? These guys are just starting, and the yellow summer squash are finishing up.


Mmm, zucchini. Another hard one to get right in Duluth. Our horticultural zone is on the high side for our latitude, but the summer temps just don’t get that high. Which is fine with me, but the tomatoes, squash, & peppers don’t care for it!

Got some swiss chard, green beans, butternut squash, edamame soybeans, cilantro/coriander, and I’m trying quinoa for the first time! Nothing has that large a harvest, since I only have small beds, but that’s fine. It means I don’t get overrun too badly when things are all ripening at the same time!

Bright Lights mix.

Bright Lights mix.

So cute! Hope we have a late frost this year!

So cute! Hope we have a late frost this year!

Soon, very soon...

Soon, very soon…

Quinoa, before it's bloomed.

Quinoa, before it’s bloomed.

All right, one more picture: The most optimistic watermelon blossom ever.

Don't you understand there will probably be a frost in about 6 weeks??

Don’t you understand there will probably be a frost in about 6 weeks??

No watermelon this year. Maybe someday!


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